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Config saved, but nothing happening


I've created a config record, and it allows me to save it with no problems. (It seems to be recognizing my entity/field fine, since if I put a non-existent name in for either the entity or the field it warns me that it doesn't exist.) The config record is active. However, when I create a new record in the entity I've config'd this for, no autonumber fills in. It all looked really straightforward to set up, but I'm stumped as to why nothing would be happening! If anyone has any ideas where I could look to diagnose, that'd be awesome. Thanks!

ETA: facepalm Of course, it doesn't create the number until the first save. Which makes perfect sense - however, we had the field this was filling in set as required, so it couldn't save until it was filled in, and couldn't fill in until it saved. :-) I assume we can work around that by hiding it and putting some filler value in there until the first save, then showing it or something similar. That's what I get for trying something new late on a Friday!